About Us

About Us

Meet Jobsbaki

Jobsbaki is a professional opportunities and talent search platform that for 10 years has been offering advanced tools to manage and facilitate the selection processes of companies. And candidates have the advantage of registering their CVs.

With more than 1 million daily visits and 46 million registered candidates, Jobsbaki is the most visited job platform in Wolrd. And with the largest active base of candidates in the country, distributed in all professional areas and hierarchical levels.


Key Jobsbaki solutions:

Inserting your CV on Jobsbaki is free and can be used by any professional who wants to apply for jobs and manage their career on the site, with no time limit. Candidates have a personal management system that informs them of the status of each application and of each selection process in which they are participating. In addition to an advanced system that allows you to quickly find the right job for your profile.

Companies can publish their job vacancies and manage all their selection processes without leaving the site. With advanced tools for capturing candidates, such as Vaga Urgente, or by searching for candidates in the Premium Search engine, the company can quickly identify the most suitable candidates for the advertised vacancies, as they are indicated by our automatic system, sorting between vacancy requirements and profile. of the candidate.

The management area for companies has tools specialized in assessing the profile of candidates, so that only the CVs that really fit the needs of the vacancy are displayed, with the possibility of editing the filters for a personalized assessment of the candidates' qualifications.

With a focus on managing the employer brand, the jobsite launched Jobsbaki Advisor, an Employer Branding solution where companies have all the information to guide their actions, including evaluations and comments from employees and former employees about their employer brand.

With advanced technology to manage selection processes and add technology to HR, Jobsbaki developed PandaPé, ATS that centralizes, humanizes, streamlines and digitizes your company's Recruitment and Selection processes.

Quality control of vacancies and registered candidates

To ensure that Jobsbaki users always have reputable content, we have a tool to verify vacancies posted on the site and an internal quality control team.

For security measures, new companies that register on the site are inspected and validated by the Quality Control team before release. Our team contacts the new client company directly by telephone to verify and confirm data, such as: corporate name, CNPJ, user responsible for the registration, address, telephone, among others. After the release, companies can, at any time, edit and directly manage the status of their job vacancies, as well as manage the CVs of candidates who participate in their selection processes.

If any attempt at fraud is found in the company's registration or job vacancies, the content will be blocked and the ads will not be published. In these cases, the appropriate legal measures will be adopted, for improper use of the services offered by the Jobsbaki.com.br website.

We also control the quality of our candidate database through tools that daily check the CV database in search of outdated registrations or with pending information. We only consider active candidates who have accessed their personal area in the last six months.

We want to know your opinion about our services! If you have any comments about Jobsbaki, send us a message on Contact Us.