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    How you can get job?

    1. Include the job search in the street routine
    Looking for a job should be seen as a job. You need to determine how much time of your day will be devoted to this until you get a job. One hour? Two hours? Three hours per day? Get organized and create a routine. If you tend to be most productive in the morning, make it a habit to spend the time “working” on your search for an opportunity.

    2. Check open opportunities
    Visit sites like to find out which opportunities are open and which companies are looking for a professional like you. If there are many alternatives, select the ones that best suit your profile. If there are few openings in your area specifically, try to be more comprehensive. You might be interested in working in the automotive industry, but if there's a pharmaceutical company looking for someone with your profile, it might be time to broaden your horizons and try something different than what you initially thought.

    3. Assess the requirements
    Even if you want to get a job at all costs – and you really need it – it's very important to make sure you meet the requirements for the jobs you want to apply for. This is because, if you do not comply, you will hardly go through the first stage of the selection process, which is the screening of resumes. If you insist, it is possible that you will waste your time and energy on applications that will not give you the return you expect. It is better to focus on what can work.

    4. Research your salary range
    To make sure your salary is in line with your reality, do a search on salary guides. Take into account your time of experience to get a job. To learn more, check out our post Salary: Am I earning well? which brings tips to know if what you earn (or want to earn) is compatible with the job market.

    5. Know which areas are hiring
    In times of crisis, many areas lay off people, but there are always those that go against the grain of the market and manage to grow. Find out what these areas or companies are, pay attention to the professional profile they are looking for, search through their vacancies until you find one that interests you.

    6. Make a list of dream companies
    Many people do not allow themselves to "want", "desire" to work in certain companies. Our tip? Make a list of companies that you admire, your area of ​​expertise or the area to which you intend to migrate. Write down your values, challenges, highlighted projects, search the internet for the vacancies that these companies offer at the moment. Keep an eye out daily to get a job!

    7. Do not lie at all
    Value all the activities you have already done that may be of interest to the company. Whether in a specific project, in the relationship with end consumers or with a more technical profile. However, do not overdo it and NEVER lie during the selection process. Recruiters are very well trained to see where a story is poorly told or doesn't make sense. If he catches a lie or a "reality augmentation," you'll lose any chance of making it through the selection process. It's not worth the risk, okay?

    8. Register your CV
    This step is essential to get a job. Register your CV at for free. Apply even if there is no vacancy in your area at this time. More than 3,000 companies use VAGAS to advertise opportunities and having their resume in the database can facilitate contact when the opportunity arises.

    9. Search your network of contacts
    Look for people who work at your dream companies. Make contact with them, seek information, network. And the tip of networking is also valid for friends, colleagues and even family. Talk to people about your situation, tell them you're looking for a job, tell them what you've been doing.

    10. Be natural
    Think positively about your best features, your accomplishments, be sure and convinced that you have something to offer in your new job. The sincere conviction of both your potential and your limits helps to convey credibility when approaching a good contact.